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Rosary Devotionals

Saint Philomena Sweatshirt

Saint Philomena Sweatshirt

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This Sweatshirts has a design on the back of the garment.
Back design of Saint Philomena (back Design)
This Sweatshirts is a Gildan 18000

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Saint Philomena was a Virgin and Martyr, died at a young age in the year 304AD. Feast day on the 11th of August.

Her remains we found in the early 19th century in the catacombs of Priscilla at Rome. Inscribed on Her tomb was “PAC TECUM FILUMENA”, translated to “Peace be to you, Philomena.”

Also inscribed were three symbols 2 anchors, 3 arrows, and a palm.

Emperor Diocletian wanted to marry Philomena but she refused as she has consecrated her life to God. This angered Emperor Diocletian, he had Philomena imprisoned, scourged, anchor put around her neck and put in a river and shot with arrows but She miraculously survived all the attempts at Her life. Enraged the Emperor had Philomena behead, She died a Martyr of the church.

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