Saint Philomena Prayer

Saint Philomena a Great Saint at such a young age, believed to be roughly 13. Refusing the proposal of Emperor Diocletian as she had given herself to God and would not marry.

She was tortured through scourging, downing and arrows but through each attempt against her life she was protected by God. After the failed attempts she was decapitated a virgin and martyr of the church. Many who witnessed her strong faith to stand by God were converted.

Saint Philomena's Feast day is August 11. She is the Patron Saint of children, youth, babies, infants, lost causes, sterility, and virgins. She is also known for helping those with impossible causes. a most special and beautiful Saint to turn to in prayer.


Prayer to Saint Philomena
O Saint Philomena,
Virgin and Martyr, Whom God
glorifies by so many miracles,
whom the Vicar of Jesus Christ
has named the Protectress of
The Living Rosary and the
Children of Mary, manifest,
more and more plainly from
the heights of Heaven, that a
voice as holy as thine cannot be
denied and that we have the
right to rely upon thine aid.
Obtain for us the grace to be
faithful to Jesus Christ,
even to death, Amen.
saint philomena
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