Saint Margaret Mary's Prayer


O Good Master, its is my earnest desire to return Thee love for love. I am deeply grieved that Thou art not loved my men, and, still more, that my own heart is so cold, so selfish, and so ungrateful.

I wish to offer Thee this act of love in reparation for the coldness and rebuffs to which Thou art subjected n the Sacrament of Thy Love, and for the indignities which I myself have inflicted on Thee.

O Loving Heart of my God, I love Thee for Thy own great goodness; I want to Love Thee with all my strength and with all my heart; I love Thee with every fiber of my being and above all things.

Let nothing ever separate me from Thee, O God of my heart, until I come to the abode of Thy glory where I can love Thee and adore Thee for ever.


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